Tree Shaker Haze

DSC_0009Years ago we switched from diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration to centrifugation to clear up our beer from the fermentors to the packaging lines. This allowed more aroma compounds and hop oils to make it from the brewing and dry hopping processes into the finished beer. As a direct result of this, our beer can have more haze to it. Even so far as to have particles come out of solution. This phenomenon is known as chill haze. Proteins and polyphenols bind together like velcro and form large enough complexes to be seen by the naked eye. These particles are then large enough to become denser than the beer itself, and fall out of solution.


IMG_1181Real fruit contains lots of proteins, polyphenols, tannins, flavanoids, and other compounds. It’s what defines the character of the fruit, and in turn improves the character of the beer. Most of these compounds can bind to form the types of complexes that contribute to haze. We use real Colorado peaches in our Tree Shaker IPA. Lots of them. This year we switched from having Tree Shaker in our Cellar Series lineup into a Seasonal Four Pack offering. Trying things out and learning from them is what keeps us busy in the beer mines and more importantly makes us better miners every day. We do our best to limit the haze formation in our Tree Shaker in the most natural ways possible, while still using real Colorado peaches to make it. As a result the beer will likely have haze, and even some visible larger pulp particles from time to time meandering about (similar to natural juice products). We like to refer to these as “flavor crystals”.




Sustainability Around The Brewery

Rooftop Solar PanelsMaking green beer is what we strive for here at Odell Brewing Co. No, I’m not talking about the colored kind people enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. We want to make each beer better than the last and a part of that is thinking about the impact we make on our community and the environment. While payback is considered in all investments we make, we place a higher value on what we’re accomplishing for the environment in which we live.  At Odell, we always strive to be better: to better our environment, our community, and, of course, our beer.




The craft beer industry is full of like-minded breweries.  We want to make great beer now and for generations to come.  One way to do that is by keeping sustainability in mind with each beer brewed and packaged.  Here at Odell, we do a number of things to continue moving forward:


  • IMG_3285The brewery has 11,000 square feet of solar panels that provide 5% of our electricity and the rest is wind powered.
  • Our waste is currently at 84% zero land fill. We have diversion stations throughout the brewery to help us separate what can be recycled, composted, etc.
  • Currently, it takes (on average) seven gallons of water to make one gallon of beer. We average about 3.8 gallons of water per gallon of beer thanks to our circulation pump that allows up to 3x the reuse of water.
  • Our distribution territory is smaller, so we use less gas to ship our beer.
  • During the brewing process, our brew kettle capture the steam from the brew and uses it to heat the hot water we use when mashing in our malt.
  • Mother Nature cools our beer once the temperature drops below 42 degrees outside. Our refrigerating units automatically turn off to help save energy.
  • The sola tubes throughout the brewery bring in natural sunlight allowing us to use less electricity.
  • All of our spent grain and hops go to a local dairy farmer, Lugene (yes, we named a beer after him) and do not go to waste. Talk about happy cows!


Most recently, we joined forces with breweries across the nation and signed the Brewery Climate Change Declaration. Together, we can all do our part to keep the craft beer industry moving forward while helping keep our environment healthy.

Who’s Who Around the Brewery – Adam D’Antonio

What is one great thing about Odell Brewing Company… other than the fact that we make craft beer? Our people.  We’re a brewery of brewers. And we’re just like you… only different. We are all unique in our own special kind of way.  Here, in the “Who’s Who Around the Brewery” section, we will take a little time to get to know each of our co-workers as time goes on.

Adam just recently celebrated his 9th year here at Odell Brewing Co., so we asked him to share a little about himself.  Meet Adam D’Antonio.

Who's Who - Adam DAntonio 1Q: What do people call you?

A: Adam


Q: What was your position when you were hired?

A: Draft Maintenance Technician


Q: What is your current position?

A: Marketing and Events Specialist


Q: Where are you originally from?Who's Who - Adam ADantonio 3

A: Suburbs of Philadelphia. Paoli to be more specific.


Q: How many years have you worked at the brewery?

A: 9 years


Q: What are you doing when you’re not working?

A: Hanging out with my wife Kate, and our daughter Ellie. Fly-fishing, skiing, camping, golfing, dirt bike riding, and gardening.


Who's Who - Adam DAntonio 2Q: Who is your home team?

A: Ummm I lack home team pride. Philadelphia sports fans throw batteries at players and snowballs at Santa…it’s a tough town. Flyers for ice hockey though, a Steelers fan by marriage, but mostly Broncos and Rockies these days.


Q: If a band/artist were to play the soundtrack to your life, who would it be, and why?

A: Phish. In my high school and college years, I spent countless days travelling the country being thoroughly entertained by them. They were pretty much the background music in my life for 10 straight years.


Q: What is your favorite beer… ever?

A: Odell IPA. It’s my go-to beer, is always on draft at my house, and is absurdly delicious. ETD Red Ale is a beer I brew once or twice a year on the pilot system at OBC, and that one has a special place in my heart (named after my daughter).


However, it sounds trite, but my favorite beer is generally the one in front of me at the moment.




Odell Brewing Rapids Fan Pack

We are excited to once again partner with the Colorado Rapids for their 19th season to bring you the ultimate game experience!  The Odell Brewing Rapids Fan Pack includes a game ticket, one pint of 90 Shilling, and one premium item or game day experience.


90 Rapids Game

Saturday, April 18 – Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders FC @ 7pm

Friday, May 8 – Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes @ 8pm

Wednesday, August 26 – Rapids vs. Houston Dynamo @ 7pm

Saturday, August 29 – Rapids vs. Sporting Kansas City @ 7pm

Sunday, October 4 – Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake @ 5pm

All home games are held at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  Tickets are available here.




Are YOU in for 90?

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.06.29 AM














*Must be 21 or older to redeem the beer and premium item.

April is Volunteer Month


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


There are many things we take pride in here at Odell: making each beer better than the last, creating a great place to work, and giving back to our communities. Odell Brewing Company is committed to contributing to the well-being and prosperity of the people, communities and environment within our distribution area. Our charitable program helps to accomplish this goal. It is managed by a team of co-workers who meet quarterly to choose which agencies to support.  Our primary areas of interest for donations include:

  • Humanitarian
    • Children-at-risk
    • Single parent families
    • Elderly
  • Environmental
  • Educational

Each month we choose a different charity to give to. If you have ever purchased a taster tray in our tap room, you too have contributed to our goal of giving back to the community. All of the proceeds from our taster trays and tips help fund our charitable program (thank YOU for trying our beers)! Our charities of the month for April focus on education:

The United Way/ Teaching Tree (Larimer County, Education)

The philosophy of Teaching Tree is to provide a stimulating and respectful environment for preschool aged children. They are able to adjust tuition based on the ability to pay

Teach for America (Denver, Education) Change is Possible

We can provide an excellent education for kids in low-income communities. Although 16 million American children face the extra challenges of poverty, an increasing body of evidence shows they can achieve at the highest levels.

Tips: Be FRANK Foundation (Bayfield, Education)

Be FRANK (For the Recreational and Artistic Needs of Kids) Foundation strives to provide opportunities for area youth through fine arts, environmental and outdoor education, and athletics. We strive to encourage our youth to live meaningful and purposeful lives by getting them involved in activities that stimulate their minds and get them in touch with their communities.

Odell Outreach

There are many other ways to give back to your community. Here at Odell Brewing Company, we encourage our co-workers to get out and volunteer. We also LOVE working with others in our community and encourage all of you to join. Check out opportunities to volunteer through our Odell Outreach Program.  We host events throughout the year and invite people to join us. We are, also, a proud member of The United Way Business Cares program. If you would like to join us in a project, learn more information about our giving program, or just give back, check out our Philanthropy page.  We are always excited to meet new people, give back, and enjoy a pint after our hard work is complete! Thanks to all of you who have joined us already!