The Meddler: Oud Bruin Ale Returns

Imagine popping the top of your favorite ale. Imagine celebrating big news or the end of a long week. Imagine the smell of sweet vanilla oak and tart cherries. Imagine the return of The Meddler.

Meddler 2016

The Meddler was first released in 2012. That sweet, sour flavor kept our staff (and friends) wanting more. On Friday, February 12, we are bringing back this beloved Oud Bruin Ale in 750ml cork and cage bottles for your drinking pleasure.


We sat down with Brent Cordle, our Pilot Brewer and Barrel Aging Manager to learn a little more about the return of The Meddler.


Q: What inspired you to bring back The Meddler?

A: This beer is a unique style. Recently, we have relocated our barrel room and now have the ability with our new wild barrel house to attack projects like this with more control over risk of cross contamination. The Meddler received a lot of love the last time we released it. It was a brewery favorite and the excitement was apparent is all employee eyes once we announced it would be coming back this year.


Q: What type of beer is The Meddler? What are the characteristics of this style of beer?

A: Meddler is an Oud Bruin (old brown).  We aged this beer traditionally using some barrels that were over 2 years old and had been souring in the barrel for quite some time.  Also true to style, in order to round off the acidic flavors, we incorporated a small amount of some newer unsour beer. The characteristics put forth are brown sugar, oak, vanilla nose with a lactic acid light mouthfeel.  Some stone fruits such as pear and light peach come through on the finish.


Q: What was in involved with the brewing/barrel aging process?

A: The beer begins as a high gravity brown ale with a low IBU’s (10-15). Once primary fermentation is finished, the beer is inoculated with our in-house sour cultures of wild yeasts and lactobacillus and then transferred into toasted oak barrels for aging. We’ve been working on this release for about three years now. The beer aged anywhere between eight months to two and a half years in the barrels before we blended it.


Q: What are some key flavors you taste in this beer?

A:  You’ll taste a variety of flavors: notes of sweet vanilla oak, light fruit berry in the background (blueberry and raspberry), with a sour, tart cherry finish.


Q: What is your favorite thing about The Meddler?

A: My favorite aspect of this beer is the true balance of oak, sour, sweet, rich, tangy, and tart flavors.  These flavors all “Meddle” harmoniously and keep you sipping to determine which one is your favorite as they play together on your palate. It’s refreshing, relaxing and has the complexity that a true connoisseur can appreciate as well as the drinkability to relate to an introductory sour beer drinker.

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Game Day Montage Recipes

It’s that time of year. Everyone will gather to watch one of the biggest sporting events in the USA on Sunday…the Super Bowl. This year, our very own Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers. To help you celebrate the big game, we’ve cooked up two delicious recipes to pair with our Winter-Spring Montage Variety pack.


90 Shilling Beef & Vegetable Stew

Cooking Time: 4-8 hours


1 lb of stew meat – cut into small pieces

24oz of frozen veggies

3 carrots

1 large onion

15oz dices tomatoes

15oz Great Northern Beans drained

32oz beef broth

12oz bottle of 90 Shilling

2 bay leaves

4-5 red potatoes (peeled and diced)

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Garlic (minced)

Seasoned salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Turn crock pot on low (8 hours) or high (4 hours). In a large pan, brown edges of stew meat. Place in crock pot. Dice onions, potatoes, and carrots and place them in your crock pot. Drain beans and add to pot. Add undrained tomatoes to crock pot as well. Then, add 32oz of beef broth and 12oz bottle (or can!) of 90 Shilling along with your bay leaves and seasonings. Let cook for 4-8 hours depending on temperature.

Fill your bowl with this stew, open a Runoff Red IPA and enjoy the game (or the commercials).

Beer Cheese Dip

IPA Cheese & Bacon Dip

Cooking Time: 2 hours


3 slices of bacon

½ yellow onion

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 dash of hot sauce (we used IPA Hop sauce)

1 tbsp Stone ground mustard

8oz Shredded sharp cheddar & colby jack cheese

1 tbsp butter

8oz cream cheese

12oz bottle of IPA

Tortilla chips for dipping


Heat a large skillet, add 3 slices of bacon. Cook over medium heat until crispy (10 minutes). Remove pan, use paper towel to remove excess grease from the pieces of bacon and dice. Set aside.

In a separate large skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Add diced onions and cook until soft. Add mustard and beer. Stir. Increase heat and boil for 4-5 minutes. Occasionally stir. Add cream cheese and mix until cheese melts. Turn off heat. In a separate bowl, place ¼ of cheese mix. Add remainder of cheese mix to a crock pot on low. Add melted cheese mix from pan to the crock pot. Heat on low for 1-2 hours or until cheese is melted. Add bacon and garnish with remaining cheese.

Crack open a bottle of Wolf Picker and enjoy!

Charity of the Month – Snowboard Outreach Society

Odell Outreach and Charitable Giving Program

Charity of the Month: Snowboard Outreach Society

I woke up Monday and it was February already! I  think I have finally stopped writing 2015 for the date and am beginning to realize that I might just have let winter slip by EXCEPT, we are going to have the Snowboard Outreach Society in our tap room this month! These folks are amazing and doing the best work to help under-served youth not just get out on the mountain and get some exercise and fresh air, but gain a quiver of life-skills that translate into every choice they will make. They turn the world of preachy, black and white rules into relatable, attainable success outside. Since there is no better teacher than experience, we are going to take this pportunity to get out on the hill with this incredible group of inspiring folks and help them to engage some young people that may not have a whole lot of depth in their bull-pen. I cannot wait for the opportunity to learn alongside these kids on the slopes of Keystone in March. If you happen to be up there making some turns, keep your eyes peeled for our Denver and Mountain sales teams getting schooled by high-risk kids doing what they know best~ mastering high-risk activities! SOS is no longer just about winter mountain activities and has graduated into an integrated, year-long program that supports its members without break. They work with local agencies for referrals and our tip jar this month just happens to be one of their partners!

Snowboard Outreach Society 2

(Photo Credit: SOS Outreach)

To learn more about SOS, please visit their website at 

To make a donation, please visit their Colorado Gives page:

Tip Jar: The Matthew’s House

The Executive Director of the Matthew’s House, Jerri Schmitz sums it up best in her welcome statement: “Welcome to The Matthews House. We invite you to join us to help cultivate hope and build resiliency in the lives of others. When we work together as a community children and families will attain what they need to learn, improve, and become stronger—and in turn, make our whole community stronger.” Jerri started the organization when she realized that there was a very large, under-served population of young people in our community that seemed to live in a vacuum between adolescence and adulthood around the ages of 16-20. These were young people poised on the spring board of becoming adults with little to no skills for success. Some of the kids Jerri was talking to didn’t know how to write a check or make a box of macaroni and cheese, things that I undeniably took for granted. Jerri created the Matthew’s House, a home where kids without that sense of place could come and do homework, learn how to make a meal, talk to a therapist and tap into a deep list of other services that they may not have found otherwise. We are thrilled to have the Matthew’s House in our tap room this month and encourage you to learn more about what they are doing here:

Matthew's House

Please visit our tap room in support of these two organizations! Our Charity of the Month recipients receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests, the opportunity to host an event in our space after-hours, access to our volunteer base for approved projects and a donation from our charitable fund housed at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Our tip jar recipients also receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests and a donation at the end of the month based on the generosity of our tap room guests. Both are conscientiously chosen by our in-house charitable committee comprised of co-workers from our diverse departments.

Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator