Drumroll Kickoff Tour in Fort Collins

Around the brewery, we love innovation. Our team has been hard at work designing our newest release – an American Pale Ale. Introducing Drumroll APA.

“Drumroll is an unfiltered American Pale Ale,” says Brendan McGivney, our COO. “A bold, juicy, citrus-inspired and tropically hop forward APA that looks and tastes like pineapple, orange, mango, and grapefruit. The complex fruit character is the result of the careful combination of our favorite current crop year hops with no fruit or juice addition necessary.”

Drumroll Image

To kickoff our release, we are touring Old Town Fort Collins. Join us and celebrate of this juicy pale ale during our Old Town Tour Kickoff party on Thursday, June 9 from 5-9pm. We will have samples of Drumroll and other giveaways. Look for our crew at the following establishments:

Lucky Joe’s
Blind Pig
Town Pump
Surfside 7
High Point
Poudre Keg
Tony’s Bar
Aggie Theatre

“Drumroll APA is our first year-round offering in over two years and also our first package to launch exclusively in cans,” says Eric Smith, CSMO. “The discovery phase of hop selection and the evolution with our pilot brews over the last year has been thrilling for our brewers and we are excited about the anticipation around the brewery for this new pale ale.”

Drumroll will be available in 12-pack 12oz cans and draft.

We look forward to sharing a pint with our friends and fans. Can we get a Drumroll please?

Prop Culture: A Funky Farmhouse Ale

Our brewers and lab team have been busy crafting a funky Farmhouse Ale just in time for spring. We’ve experimented with propagating different combinations of Belgian yeast cultures and blending them to bring YOU, Prop Culture.

We sat down with Tony Rau, our lab Yeast Beast, to talk a little more in depth about this unique project. Here is what he has to say:

Q: What style of beer is Prop Culture?

Tony: Prop Culture is a funky Farmhouse Ale.

Prop Culture Packaging

Q: What was the inspiration behind Prop Culture?

Tony: Experimenting with yeast is going to be an upcoming trend. On top of that, this is a style we have wanted to do for a long time.

Q:  What are some key flavors you taste in this beer?

Tony: There are an assortment of playful flavors in this brew. You’ll notice notes of peach, pineapple, red apple, light bubble gum, and pear with a slight touch of sweet hay from the Brettanomyces.

Q: How was the brewing process for this different from the typical brewing process?

Tony: While most ales and lagers go through a primary fermentation and then a maturation stage, this ale went through a primary with a Belgian yeast and then a secondary aging process with a cocktail of brewer’s yeast and wild yeast. This allows for various flavors, typically fruity, to develop and change the beer over time.

Tony, the lab, and our brew team have been working hard on this project. “Balancing out the flavors of the various strains of yeast was the challenge with this project. It requires time to age and it must be checked constantly,” said Tony. “Yeast is often the unsung hero in all of brewing. As being one of the 4 key ingredients, it often times sits in the background. With Prop Culture, we are hoping to help bring it into the limelight.”

Prop Culture


We are releasing this Cellar Series beer in our tap room on Friday, April 15. Prop Culture is 100% bottle conditioned and will be available in 750ml cork and cage bottles in all of our 12 states.

Charity of the Month – Rocky Mountain Flycasters

Odell Outreach and our Charity of the Month Program

Charity of the Month: Rocky Mountain Flycasters (our local Trout Unlimited chapter)

Trout Unlimited

(Photo credit: Trout Unlimited)

Trout Unlimited is not just a bunch of fly fisherman hoping to get lucky in the river! They are thoughtful members of our community whose mission is to conserve and protect the rivers and water that provide us with fish, recreation and of course, beer! We are so proud to host these fine folks in our tap room this month and encourage you to join us in celebrating their efforts during our public fly fishing event on Sunday, April 17 in our tap room. For the entire day (11-6) we will have family-fun activities for fisher-people young and old and a delicious beer on draft that our friends at St. Pete’s fly shop brewed with our amazing team called “Hoppa Droppa Pale Ale.” $1 from every pint sold that day will benefit Rocky Mountain Flycasters and their incredible work on the Cache La Poudre and Big Thompson Rivers. They have moved beyond the fire and flood mitigation of the past few years onto the task of prevention and are honing their skills in these precious places to preserve them for decades to come. For more information on the party here at the brewery please visit: http://www.rockymtnflycasters.org/cal/gfx/20160417odellposter.pdf

To read about projects and how YOU can help (please let them know you saw it here) visit here: http://www.rockymtnflycasters.org/chapter.php

To make a donation, please visit here: http://www.rockymtnflycasters.org/articles/donate.php

For more information, you can reach out to Karla Baise at karla@odellbrewing.com

Tip Jar: Colorado Conservation Exchange

Conservation Colorado

(Photo credit: Collaborative Conservation)

The Colorado Conservation Exchange was created “to create a watershed investment fund through which community members support land stewards who conserve and enhance nature’s ability to provide clean and abundant water, healthy food, productive soils, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and inspiring open spaces for all community members to enjoy.” They aim to connect committed agencies with the funding that they need to complete projects that carry out this mission. We are proud to host them in our tap room this month and encourage them in their mission to better our greater environment through educated and thoughtful use of resources.

You can learn more here: http://www.collaborativeconservation.org/colorado-conservation-exchange

Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator