Charity of the Month – Youth on Record

Odell Outreach and our Charity of the Month Program

Charity of the Month:  Youth On Record

In the shadow of our semi-annual Small Batch Revival, it is so fitting that we continue our celebration of community, innovation and music by supporting Youth On Record. These folks have a unique way of connecting with a too-often forgotten segment of our community and offering them an opportunity for personal growth. The peaks and valleys of learning an instrument or flexing your vocal chords takes time and courage and we salute the fine folks at YOR that take kids out of their element for showing at-risk young people that there are choices in this world that lead to positive ends, even just the satisfaction of learning a new chord! “At Youth On Record, we believe that young people – those who are both at-risk and written-off – have the potential to turn their lives around. We are committed to bringing our proven methods of empowerment and behavioral modification through music education to youth in Colorado who need it the most.” They are committed to “ensuring that the youth we serve graduate from high school and are ready to enter the workforce, transition to college or enter advanced technical training.”

Youth on Record Hallway

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Tip Jar: Colorado Youth Corps

We are committed to make as small an impact on the environment as possible here at Odell Brewing Company and there is no better way than investing in the young people that we entrust with its future. We support Colorado Youth Corps and all that they do to train, facilitate and activate young adults in Colorado to protect and strengthen our natural world. They raise resources for youth corps, promotes legislation, advocacy and strategic communication and fosters high quality educational opportunities for youth corps staff and participants just for starters!

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Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator