August Charity of the Month: FRCC Foundation

Charity of the Month:  Front Range Community College Foundation 

With fall term right around the corner, we thought it was a great opportunity to help our friends at Front Range Community College make sure that worthy students are getting some help with tuition. At Odell Brewing, we understand the power that people have to craft their skills, their future and their community. We aim to help the portion of our population that is looking to better themselves while balancing jobs, parenting and their education. Thank you for helping us to support this wonderful institution!

Learn more about the Front Range Community College Foundation.

TIP JAR: Reading Partners Colorado 

Reading Partners has been a part of the Colorado educational landscape since 2012, when Mile High United Way leveraged a federal Social Innovation Fund grant to help ensure more Colorado children could read proficiently by third grade.

They’ve paired thousands of community volunteers in low-income schools to help kids master basic reading skills and narrow their achievement gaps. Our one-on-one tutoring empowers students to succeed while simultaneously empowering volunteers to make a lasting difference in our community through individualized personal attention to each student in our program.

Join us in our tap room in supporting this powerful program as our state’s kiddos head back to school!

Learn more about Reading Partners of Colorado.


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