Brew Q & A: Brombeere Blackberry Gose


Summer is in full swing! Whether you’re enjoying time with family and friends, getting outside or finishing a long day at work, we have the beer for you. Our new summer seasonal, Brombeere, a Blackberry Gose, is light and refreshing for all of your summer moments. We sat down with Tony Rau, our Lab Technician and brains behind our souring process, for a little behind the scenes look at Brombeere.


Q: The new seasonal is a Blackberry Gose. What is a Gose?

A: A beer… (Tony jokes). Gose style beers are slightly salted soured wheat ales typically brewed with coriander. This style of beer originated in Germany and they often used salt water when brewing, hence the saltiness in the beer. It’s pretty unique.


Q: Can you tell us about the process of making this beer? I’ve heard it has been intense.

A: The process for making and brewing Brombeere has been very labor intensive. When brewing this Gose, we had to use our lacto culture to sour in the brew kettle. This is an added step in the brewing process. Lacto resides on grain husks. I took it and cultivated the bacteria for this particular culture that has been growing for over a year. It’s special to us, because it’s a natural occurring process and we took a long time letting this cultivate.


Q: Is there anything else that was different for this brewing process?

A: We are definitely pushing the creativity in our brewhouse and it is proving what it can truly do. Our new system is not meant to brew this style of beer because of the intense process, kettle souring and temperature changes. During the sour process, we use a specific temperature that the lacto enjoys; it is higher than normal fermentation temperatures but much less than boiling. Due to the intricate process, it takes longer to knockout Brombeere from our brewhouse meaning it has to stay in each vessel much longer than usual. We stop all other brewing production when we brew batches of Brombeere.

Brombeere in kettle

Q: It sounds like you’ve been busy! What are some key flavors to look for when enjoying Brombeere?

A: It’s deliciously refreshing. Seriously. There is a bit of saltiness, clean lactic acid produced from the soured culture, obviously a hint of blackberry, a little coriander and a subtle tartness.  We used pureed blackberries during fermentation to ensure it mixed uniformly in the beer. In my opinion, this beer has the perfect flavors for summer. I’m excited to share it with everyone.


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