Brew Q & A: Brazzle – Sour Golden Raspberry

Brazzle! Brazzle! Brazzle! The release is finally near! On Friday, February 27, Odell Brewing Co., will be releasing this Sour Golden Raspberry. Brazzle has been a long time coming and let me tell you… It has been worth the wait!

Brazzle 1We sat down with our Barrel Aging/Pilot System Manager Brent Cordle to talk about the inspiration behind this sweet, sour.


Q: What was the inspiration behind Brazzle?

A: This beer was originally born on the pilot system a while back.  We did a small batch and threw in whole raspberries to see what would happen.  It was a tasty sour the first time, so we wanted to re-create something similar.



Q: What was involved in the brewing process?Brazzle 2

A: The initial brewing was simple. We brewed a Golden Ale at a higher mash temperature to keep some of the sugars from breaking down.  Other yeasts can break down the sugars later in the fermentation process, giving it those unique flavors.  It was the secondary fermentation process that was more time consuming.  We used former Woodcut barrels for the aging process which took a little over two years. The lacto and acidity weren’t where we wanted them to be initially. This beer took longer to mature, but it was WELL worth the wait! It’s a delicious beer. I’m very proud of the way this beer turned out.




Q:  What are some key flavors you taste in this beer?

A: Raspberry… obviously.  But, I don’t get the tartness that comes from red raspberries.  We used golden raspberries to brew with which gives this sour a little more sweetness.  There is also a light, tart peach flavor that comes through as well as lemon citrus.  The acidity from the lemon plays with the sweet raspberry flavor.  This is a very unique sour.  I’d recommend getting a bottle (or two) while you can!


Brazzle 3


Check our calendar of events for the Tap Room release party for Brazzle.  This Cellar Series Beer will hit shelves the first week of March!

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