Brew Q & A: Stalwort Oak Aged Old Ale

There comes a time when we all want to take a moment and REALLY enjoy life… and a pint of beer.  Don’t worry. We have a beer to fit just the occasion – Stalwort.  Stalwort, an Oak Aged Old Ale has been released in all 11 states this week.  Odell Brewing Co. is excited to share this unique bridge series, draft only brew.  Our Barrel Aging/Pilot System Manager, Brent Cordle, talks a little more about this complex old ale.

Stalwor Oak BarrelsQ: What is Stalwort?

A: Stalwort is an Oak Aged Old Ale. We aged this bridge series beer for just over a year.


Q: You said bridge series. Is that different from other beers you’ve done in the past?

A: We’ve done other bridge series beers in the past.  We wanted to bridge the gap between our five barrel pilot system and our cellar series beers (750 ml cork and cage bottles) to create something in between. The name, Bridge Series, came from bridging that gap in production size.




Malts and HopsQ: What flavors come through in this beer?


A: I get a lot of toffee, caramel, vanilla, sweet malts, with a touch of acidity.  The acidity and sour notes aren’t enough to make your mouth pucker, but they are present.  There is also a medium hop character. And of course, the strong oak.  This beer is reminiscent of a really fine Port to me.  It’s one you want to sip on slowly and enjoy.  Because it is so complex, it’s nice to take your time and enjoy all the flavors that come through this bold, barley wine like, beer.


Q: What’s different and unique about Stalwort?

A: Like I said before, it’s complex.  We wanted to put our own twist on an Old Ale.  We had some oak barrels around and wanted to put them to use.  This beer was hopped like a Double IPA, but had a darker malt build.  It was in the brew kettle longer than normal allowing for it to caramelize which gives it those sweet flavors.  Believe me, this beer is NOT sessionable.  It is a beer to be enjoyed.  Like a good wine, you’ll want to take each sip slowly, allowing the individual flavors to come through.  I’d say it’s more of a fine dining beverage.




The next time you’re out, enjoying life, look for Stalwort.  For more information on where you can find this beer, check out our beer finder here.

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