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We want you to get to know our hard working guys and gals behind the scenes here at Odell Brewing Co. Day in and day out, they work hard to bring YOU quality beer and with a smile on their faces (you may not see them all the time). Friends... meet Marni. Q: What do people call you? A: Marn,…

Our favorite time of year is here. That’s right. We LOVE Halloween here at the brewery. We have an excuse to dress up and have even more fun than we do on a daily basis. Things tend to get a little Frieky. Maybe it’s because we’re all drinking Friek, or maybe it’s because we’re all a little weird in our…

Our people are what make us unique. We all share a love for craft beer and the craft beer industry. This guy took some time to answer a few questions about himself. He’s funny, dedicated, and about to become a dad! Meet Jake O’Mara.   Q: What do people call you? A: Jake, O’Mara, Omar, O-Show, Chiefy, Zuba, Spoke, The Count,…

What is one great thing about Odell Brewing Company… other than the fact that we make craft beer? Our people.  We’re a brewery of brewers. And we’re just like you… only different. We are all unique in our own special kind of way.  Here, in the “Who’s Who Around the Brewery” section, we will take a little time to get…