Collaboration Fest and Stone Brewing

Each year, Colorado Craft Beer Week is dedicated to celebrating Colorado’s craft breweries, pubs, and restaurants. There are special events, festivals, one-of-a-kind beer releases, and more, from a variety of your favorite breweries. In its third year, the Colorado Brewers’ Guild Collaboration Fest brings together a Colorado craft brewery, with a friend or neighbor that may be next door, or across the world. This years’ event will feature 75 collaboration brews, finely crafted by the best in the business.

For us at Odell Brewing, reconnecting with our former co-worker and brewer at Stone Brewing, Laura Ulrich, was an easy decision. Laura spent the day brewing with our Pilot System/Barrel Aging Manager, Brent Cordle and here is what she had to say…

Q: What are you brewing today for Collaboration Fest?

A: A stout with cocoa, coffee, raspberry puree to be aged in rum and whiskey barrels and then blended for the final product. We’ll call it… Reunification.


Q: What flavors can we expect from this beer?

A: A blend of coffee and chocolate will dominate with a balance from the rum/whiskey blends and a light raspberry tart finish.

Q: What is your experience in the craft beer industry? Is it true you have roots with Odell Brewing?

A: I started at Odell Brewing around 2002. At first I worked as a production tech. I worked on the bottling line and cleaned lines at local accounts. I left in March of 2004 and started at Stone Brewing. I’ve been in the industry for 14+ years. When Brent reached out to Stone Brewing to do a collaboration for Collaboration Fest, I was flattered to have the opportunity to come back and brew with him.

Cordle brewing

Q: What is it like to be a brewer in the craft beer industry?

A: I love what I do, but it is not easy. You have to work hard to get the job done. I am the first female brewer at Stone Brewing Co., but most people think the job is more glamorous than it is. Brewers are glorified janitors. I’m not afraid to get dirty or speak up. If you want to be involved you need to speak up and have a voice. It’s okay to say what you want and be confident.

Laura brewing

Collaboration Fest is taking place on Saturday, March 19 to kick-off Colorado Craft Beer Week. You can try this collaboration beer, Reunification, and more at the festival! For more ticket information and more details, click here.


*Display image photo credit: Two Parts – Thank you for capturing our day.

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