Sproutin’ Up!

Growing a garden seems like a daunting task, but it does not need to be. It can provide a lot of food for you and your family all while teaching invaluable skills. Our Charity of the Month is Sproutin’ Up, a program to help improve the health of low-income families in Larimer County by reducing barriers and improving access to fresh produce while creating sustainable community gardens, connecting families and neighborhoods. The program helps nurtures kids through gardening.


global explorers.plantingSproutin’ Up teaches kids how to plant a garden, care for the fruits and vegetables, and then harvest them when they are ready and bring back to share with their communities.  It also teaches the kids how to cook and prepare the foods once they get home. It helps support kids in our own communities and their neighborhoods.

The program currently has six locations where they grow food and six locations where they offer free farmers’ markets:






We are growing food at the following locations:

-The Food Bank for Larimer County

– Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park

– Wellington Middle School

– Sproutin’ Up HeadquartersSproutin Up 1

– Bucking Horse CSA

– Buckingham Community Garden


We will be offering free farmers’ markets at the following locations:

– Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park

– Wellington Middle School

– Collins Aire Mobile Home Park

– Buckingham Neighborhood

– St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

– Salud Family Health Center


“We are also starting our new Junior Garden Leader program for youth who have been in our Apprenticeship Program for at least two years. We’ll be highlighting their work throughout the summer, including our first mobile farmers’ market. In addition, we’ll be doing our Youth Apprenticeship program with up to 40 middle schoolers who get to learn gardening skills and nutrition education,” said Sproutin’ Up’s founder, Anne Genson.  “We’ve almost completed the new garden at Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park and it’s so exciting. This site has be ten years in the making and came about because the kids asked for a garden in their neighborhood – how cool!”

This month, Campus West is also teaming up with us to give back to Sproutin’ Up. They are giving $.50 for every case sold to help support the program.

To learn more about the program, visit their website here.


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