The Real Dill Collaboration – Myrcenary Pickles

Real Dill Blog Photo 1We all love beer and chocolate, and beer and cheese. But, have you ever thought about beer and pickles? We joined forces with our friends at The Real Dill to combine two things we love and are anxious to share our collaboration. This is really a true collaboration…


Three years ago, our tap room manager Kailey was enjoyingbeers at Great Divide. She started chatting with a fellow beer lover (who we now know is Tyler). Turns out, Tyler and longtime friend Justin, own a company called The Real Dill. The Real Dill is a pickle company based out of Denver, Colorado (and their pickles are dillicous). Kailey and Tyler started chatting about a pickle series they have called Briners and Brewers. Ironically, Great Divide (where they met and were enjoying beers) had collaborated with them for their first release in the series. Guess who will be part of that series next? That’s right – Odell Brewing Co.

Final Product 1


Justin and Tyler started by brewing a batch of Myrcenary with our brewers here. They enjoyed the flavor profile from Myrcenary. From there, they took similar ingredients (and inspiration from their brewing experience) for a special brine for their upcoming Briners and Brewers Pickle series. Myrcenary contains hops that boast a nice grapefruit and citrus character. We all thought this flavor would go great in a pickle.  The brine contains unfermented Myrcenary, grapefruit, whole flower hops, peppercorn, and red pepper flakes for a little kick. A few of our co-workers joined Justin, Tyler, and their team in Denver and helped can A LOT of pickles.

Canning Day w The Real Dill

This collaboration is a limited series! We’ll be releasing these Myrcenary pickles as part of The Real Dill’s Briners and Brewers Series on July 10 in our tap room. These pickles will be perfect for your next picnic, backyard BBQ or snack!

Click here for more information on where to find the Briners and Brewers Series pickles.

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