‘Tis the Season

Each season, we have something to look forward to – new beers! New seasons mean new seasonals. Returning favorites – Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout and Runoff Red IPA – are hitting shelves in all of our markets. Soon to follow… our newest version of Wolf Picker, an experimental pale ale, available in our Winter/Spring Montage Variety Pack.

Runoff Red IPA – Our much-loved Red IPA returns for another season. Runoff is always a favorite go-to when the seasons start to change. This beer boasts notes of strawberry, twizzlers, lemon, citrus, grapefruit and pine that is not only bright in the aroma but also in the flavor. The fruit and citrus hop notes are well balanced with a full bodied malt backbone that brings in a subtle yet rich maltiness with slight notes of caramel. Creamy with an assertive but clean bitterness, this beer will keep us all warm through the rest of the winter.

Best to be enjoyed with a hearty stew or your favorite well braised meat (think elk, pheasant or lamb). If you want something lighter, a salad with toasted almonds, strawberries and goat cheese would pair well with this beer mimicking its rich, malty notes. Thinking dessert? Try it with a strawberry cheesecake.

    Available in 6-packs through April.    Runoff Red IPA

Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout – This full bodied, creamy, smooth milk stout is rich with milk and dark chocolates. These characteristics come through in both the aroma and flavor, just like a big glass of chocolate milk! The dark malts provide a balance to the sweetness of the rich chocolate. Warming from the alcohol, this is a great dessert beer like a chocolate liquor.

Enjoy a pint of Lugene with a rich dessert like crème brûlée or brownies or even your favorite BBQ ribs. 

Available in 4-packs through the end of March.


Wolf Picker – Our newest experimental Pale Ale, inspired by our small-batch pilot system, has hints of coconut, papaya and mango with a mild herbal quality. In other words, a herbaceous garden meets tropical paradise! The body is medium, smooth, crisp and refreshing. The bitterness is assertive but clean. Each year, Wolf Picker is brewed with a new variety of hops. Some are so rare, they don’t even have a name. Crazy! Be sure to grab a Winter/Spring Montage Variety Pack so you can enjoy this rare, but flavorful, pale ale.

Due to the complexity of Wolf Picker, we recommend fish tacos or a spicy Thai dish. For something lighter, a citrus salad with blue cheese crumbles will bring out the citrus notes. A key lime pie would be a tasty dessert if you’re in the mood for something sweeter.

  Available in our Winter/Spring Montage Variety Pack through April.

Wolf Picker 2016