Who’s Who Around the Brewery – Adam D’Antonio

What is one great thing about Odell Brewing Company… other than the fact that we make craft beer? Our people.  We’re a brewery of brewers. And we’re just like you… only different. We are all unique in our own special kind of way.  Here, in the “Who’s Who Around the Brewery” section, we will take a little time to get to know each of our co-workers as time goes on.

Adam just recently celebrated his 9th year here at Odell Brewing Co., so we asked him to share a little about himself.  Meet Adam D’Antonio.

Who's Who - Adam DAntonio 1Q: What do people call you?

A: Adam


Q: What was your position when you were hired?

A: Draft Maintenance Technician


Q: What is your current position?

A: Marketing and Events Specialist


Q: Where are you originally from?Who's Who - Adam ADantonio 3

A: Suburbs of Philadelphia. Paoli to be more specific.


Q: How many years have you worked at the brewery?

A: 9 years


Q: What are you doing when you’re not working?

A: Hanging out with my wife Kate, and our daughter Ellie. Fly-fishing, skiing, camping, golfing, dirt bike riding, and gardening.


Who's Who - Adam DAntonio 2Q: Who is your home team?

A: Ummm I lack home team pride. Philadelphia sports fans throw batteries at players and snowballs at Santa…it’s a tough town. Flyers for ice hockey though, a Steelers fan by marriage, but mostly Broncos and Rockies these days.


Q: If a band/artist were to play the soundtrack to your life, who would it be, and why?

A: Phish. In my high school and college years, I spent countless days travelling the country being thoroughly entertained by them. They were pretty much the background music in my life for 10 straight years.


Q: What is your favorite beer… ever?

A: Odell IPA. It’s my go-to beer, is always on draft at my house, and is absurdly delicious. ETD Red Ale is a beer I brew once or twice a year on the pilot system at OBC, and that one has a special place in my heart (named after my daughter).


However, it sounds trite, but my favorite beer is generally the one in front of me at the moment.




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