Who’s Who Around the Brewery – Marni Walhquist

We want you to get to know our hard working guys and gals behind the scenes here at Odell Brewing Co. Day in and day out, they work hard to bring YOU quality beer and with a smile on their faces (you may not see them all the time). Friends… meet Marni.

Q: What do people call you?

A: Marn, MarniBug, MarnDog and MissMarni…here at the brewery – Marni.

Who's Who - Marni 2

Q: What was your position when you were hired?

A: Packaging.


Q: What is your current position? What does it involve?

A: Cellar Brewer: caring for the fermentation of wort into beer, dry hopping, beer processing for packaging and loads of cleaning, especially tanks.


Q: How many years have you worked at the brewery?

A: About 2 years.


Q: What are you doing when you’re not working?

A: Being outside walking, biking, skiing and sitting. Cooking and fermenting vegetables and flour. Stand up paddle boarding. Playing with our cats. Hanging out with loved ones. Snuggling.


Q: What is your favorite beer and food pairing?

A: Right now it’s Thai vegetable green curry with our IPA.


Q: If a band/artist were to play the soundtrack to your life, who would it be and why?

A: Thao and The Get Down Stay Down – because of their energy and versatility. One band playing your soundtrack is just quite limited but they’d be the best to cover the ebb and flow of life.


Q: What is your favorite beer… ever?

A:  Odell Full Blown IPA (pilot) & Petrus Aged Pale.

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