Zard-Alu Sour Apricot Ale

Sour. Tart. And refreshingly delicious. Introducing our newest Cellar Series release: Zard-Alu Sour Apricot Ale. We talked with our lab and brew team to give you, our fans, a little more insight on what to expect with our newest release. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: What was the inspiration behind Zard-Alu?

A: Stone fruits are one of the top aroma notes in some hop varieties, but the bitterness doesn’t always pair well with sour beer. So, we wanted to make a sour stone fruit beer, and Zard-Alu was born.

Q: What are some key flavors you taste in this beer?

A: Big stone fruit, some pineapple, background wheat, and a clean acidity on the finish.

Q: How long was the brewing process? Was it aged at all?

A: No barrel aging, but the base beer is a blend of sour projects we keep well fed around the brewery. It took months for the beer to fully mature in stainless.

Q: What foods would pair well with this sour?

A: Something slightly sweet that could also compliment the acidity, like fig paste and goat cheese on toast.

Q: How long do you recommend it cellars for if someone wants to store it to enjoy later?

A: We do all the hard work for you and cellar it until ready for drinking. I would drink it fresh, while it’s warm outside. I do not think this beer would benefit from aging in the package.


Zard-Alu will be available beginning May 27 in our tap room. It will ship to our 12 state distribution footprint at the end of May. Look for it on shelves near you.