• Brewing responsibly is good business.

    Positive Impacts

Working to improve community and planet

Odell Brewing Company is committed to contributing to charitable programs that serve our communities and engaging our co-workers and fans in our philanthropic efforts. Our founders have been committed to giving back to the community upon opening their doors in 1989. Since then, they’ve created parameters around our giving to focus our impact.

Human Services

Providing support and resources to children-at-risk, single parent families, and the elderly.


We’re proud to support organizations that promote learning and education for underserved communities.


We’re committed to supporting organizations that help protect and preserve our environment.

Community & Charitable Giving

We strive to foster deep and enriching relationships with the nonprofits we support. We developed a Seasonal Partnership model to allow us to add more points of impact and engage in more opportunities with the non profits in our communities. Our Charitable Committee, made of folks from across the brewery, gather each year to choose the charities that will live in our taproom for an entire fiscal quarter.

Current Charitable Partners:

Summer Charitable Partner

The Outdoor Lab Schools have been enriching the lives of 6th grade and high school students in Jefferson County for over 60 years. Students are immersed in an outdoor academic setting for five days where they spend their time learning about themselves and how they fit into the world around them.

Odell Outreach — Volunteer With Us

Odell Outreach is an extension of the brewery’s charitable giving program that enlists co-workers, family and friends to participate in volunteer activities throughout the community. Join our Facebook Group to stay connected and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Become a Charitable Partner

To learn more, please check out our application process and find out if your organization is a good fit. If your organization has an immediate need or project that supersedes our waiting period for Charity of the Month, please apply here.

In the current economic uncertainty we have refocused our charitable giving to the people most impacted in our community. Learn more about Odell Brewing COVID Relief Donation.

Sustainability & Environmental Footprint

For every business decision we make, we place a higher value on what we’re accomplishing for the environment in which we live. This means not only reducing physical waste, but improving our water, and energy usage at every stage of the process. We believe that in the long run, investing in sustainability is good business.

  • Saving Water

    It takes about 7 gallons of water to make a gallon of beer. Over the years we’ve improved our systems and processes and reduced that number 3.20 gallons of water.

  • Custom Mods

    We made some custom modifications to our vacuum pump that seals our bottles to reuse water, saving us 1.25 million gallons of water a year! 

  • Reduce & Reuse

    We adjusted our Clean In Place system to reuse grey water for the first rinse of a used tank. It’s a simple and easy way to save water.

  • Filtration by centrifuge

    Filtering beer with a centrifuge uses less water, eliminates the need for hazardous diatomaceous earth, and  preserves essential hop oils which make for better tasting beer!

  • Alternative Energy

    We’ve installed 11,000 square feet of solar panels. These panels put our 76.5kW array, which covers 4% of our total power. 

  • Solatube Lighting

    Solatube Lights are skylights that are built with special materials that intensifies the sunlight throughout the brewery. We love natural light!

  • Steam Power

    Our brew kettle uses a steam recapture system during every boil to reuse expended steam to heat the water for the next brew!

  • Renewable Energy

    We work closely with the city of Fort Collins to fund green energy projects and increase the percentage of renewable energy used in the power grid. 

We’re constantly working towards new Sustainability Goals.

  • – Producing zero landfill waste by 2025. As of 2020, we’re 80% towards our goal!
  • – Finding a CO2 recapture system to capture and clean waste CO2 from fermentation to carbonate our beer.
  • – Incorporating wind energy into our grid.
  • – Composting for the brewery and our co-owners

Innovate with the Community

We’re constantly planning for the future, which for us means innovating with our communities.

  • BreWater

    Co-founded BreWater, a group that brings together breweries of all sizes to discuss water use in the industry and the health of our local watershed.

  • Local Sustainability Groups

    Our co-owners sit on the committees and host meetings for local groups including Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Poudre River Forum Committee and the Sustainable Living Association.

  • Old Yeast New Tricks

    Working with Fort Collins Waste Water Treatment plant to see if spent yeast can be used as a chemical-free method for treating city water.

  • Electric Charging Station

    Installed an electric car charging station at our brewer for public use in order to support the growing impact electric cars are making on our world.

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