90 Shilling and IPA Cans Hit Shelves

Cans play an important role in the outdoor lifestyle we value at Odell Brewing. Now, our fans have a more convenient way to enjoy the taste they love. This week, we released our first ever canned beer in our home market. (Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota and Wyoming… they’re heading your way next!)


“Some say it was a long time coming and it has been,” said our brewery founder Doug Odell. “A lot of effort was made by all of us to make this happen, and we are sure you will be pleased with the results.” Everyone at the brewery has been hard at work getting these cans ready for their debut. From package design, to production and packaging, it has truly been a team effort. “We took our time selecting the best equipment before implementing Odell cans,” said John Baise, our Packaging Manager. “We began the can line investigation in early 2013, visiting numerous breweries and packaging Expos. The Can Line development team met weekly to discuss the project. In the end, multiple designs and machine centers were evaluated to create a line which matches the standards of our bottle and keg lines and represent our beer quality.”


The quality of our beer is top priority. When considering cans, we wanted to be sure this was true through all levels of production. “Our state of the art packers, utilize less paper than traditional corrugated cardboard packers,” said Matt Bailey, our Maintenance and Engineering Manager. “Our cans and lids are made locally in Golden, CO. Our Depalletizer was made in Loveland, CO…Palletizer in Columbia, WA, Conveyors in South Carolina, Filler and Packers in Germany and Seamer in Switzerland. Odell already has a lot of in house experience with cans and adding that product line is a natural fit internally and to our customers.”

We are excited to release our first ever cans of 90 Shilling and IPA. Additional can offerings will be introduced in 2016 including Loose Leaf Session Ale and our summer seasonal St. Lupulin. All of us at the brewery want to give our customers the ability to enjoy our products in all areas of our distribution footprint, in any situation. Cans are tremendously easy to recycle, block out sunlight, and help preserve our beer to the highest standards.


The brewery will mark the introduction of cans with a special Food Drive and celebration in the Tap Room on Wednesday, November 11. Guests who bring in two or more canned food items will get one free canned beer (limit 1 per person, must be 21). Guests can also enjoy local food truck fare and live music by Brian Parton from 4 – 6 p.m.

Available in 12-pack 12oz cans. Now we can do more together!