Tree Shaker Haze

DSC_0009Years ago we switched from diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration to centrifugation to clear up our beer from the fermentors to the packaging lines. This allowed more aroma compounds and hop oils to make it from the brewing and dry hopping processes into the finished beer. As a direct result of this, our beer can have more haze to it. Even so far as to have particles come out of solution. This phenomenon is known as chill haze. Proteins and polyphenols bind together like velcro and form large enough complexes to be seen by the naked eye. These particles are then large enough to become denser than the beer itself, and fall out of solution.


IMG_1181Real fruit contains lots of proteins, polyphenols, tannins, flavanoids, and other compounds. It’s what defines the character of the fruit, and in turn improves the character of the beer. Most of these compounds can bind to form the types of complexes that contribute to haze. We use real Colorado peaches in our Tree Shaker IPA. Lots of them. This year we switched from having Tree Shaker in our Cellar Series lineup into a Seasonal Four Pack offering. Trying things out and learning from them is what keeps us busy in the beer mines and more importantly makes us better miners every day. We do our best to limit the haze formation in our Tree Shaker in the most natural ways possible, while still using real Colorado peaches to make it. As a result the beer will likely have haze, and even some visible larger pulp particles from time to time meandering about (similar to natural juice products). We like to refer to these as “flavor crystals”.




A New Hope (or “The streets will run red with the juice of our grapes”)

They say it takes a lot of good beer to make great wine. After two years of research and development, I can honestly say that the opposite holds just as true. Right in the middle of the two is a beautiful Venn diagram of deliciousness. Odell Brewing Company is very fortunate to have been founded in a progressive agricultural haven. We have access to a wide array of farm and ranch products within the state itself. Below is the movement of some very special Colorado grown free run grape juice into a wine press, and the subsequent pressing of said juice. Expect more updates as things progress into the realm of amazingness.

– A Quality Guy




An Ode to our Pilot Brew System

Did you know we cranked out over 75 different brews on our five barrel Pilot Brewing System this year? To honor our hard-working steed, an Ode to our Pilot Brew System (and check out the cool word cloud featuring some of these brews)…

An Ode to our Pilot Brew System
Part kitchen, part lab, part playground it’s true
Our Pilot Brew System is where all can come brew
We use it to craft our new recipe creations
We use it to brew experimental libations
We use it for teaching and tour narrations
We use it quite often for collaborations
Yes our Pilot Brew System is our heart and our soul
Crafting Five Barrel Batches of love is the goal
So won’t you please join us for a pint glass or two
Of a deliciously hand crafted unique Pilot Brew