Peachy Keen!

The Western Slope of Colorado is the source of many a bountiful harvest. The unique geography and soil provide for the perfect fruit growing seasons. If you’re from Colorado you know the year isn’t complete until you have a Palisade Peach. Palisade is a tiny town in the heart of the Western Slope’s agricultural scene. They love peaches. We love hops. When they come together it’s a beautiful thing. Tree Shaker is our attempt to bring a little of that Colorado love to our loyal fans. We dropped some Rakau hops that were chosen from New Zealand into the whirlpool, which naturally lend a peach character to the beer. With Amarillo and Crystal hops bringing a touch of citrus to the nose, this beer introduces a bit of peach jam from a 6,000 pound peach addition that is quickly cleared by an assertive bitterness that one would expect from an Imperial IPA. The perfect companion for a warm Colorado spring day.

Odell Brewing will celebrate the release of Tree Shaker this Saturday, April 6th with a party in the Tap Room. Guests can try the brew and  enjoy live music by Hectic Hobo as well as tasty eats from Common Link.

– A Quality Guy

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Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches in beer…

Harvest season doesn’t officially get into full gear in Colorado, until the peaches arrive. What could be better than biting into a fresh Colorado grown peach? Why, drinking a beer made with one, of course. One is never good enough so we added over 1800 lbs of peaches to this 7.4% ABV pilsner malt based brew. That’s a full peach in every growler, and it shows. The aroma is one of the fall orchard, and you can almost taste the skin with every sip. Join us by celebrating the peach harvest, one pint at a time.

– A Quality Guy


Brewed with 1800 pounds of Palisade peaches including Red Haven and JH Hale varieties, Haven and Hale Peach Ale is a crisp brew with a light golden color and a heavenly fresh peach aroma. Each sip offers a subtle peach flavor that lingers on the palate just long enough then slowly fades for a wickedly delicious finish. Slightly sweet, but also tart, Haven and Hale delights both sinners and saints.