Same great beer; new name!

Red Ale becomes Runoff Red IPA

This January, our beloved seasonal hoppy red ale will return with an updated name and label. The recipe will stay the same, but we wanted to give the beer its own unique identity and story, similar to our other seasonal offerings…thus, Runoff was born. The name is a nod to the late winter and early spring snow in Colorado which becomes the springtime runoff that’s so important to our local ecology and our beer making. The label art also depicts this shoulder season and the transition from winter to spring with a snowy peak and plain melting into to a crisp Colorado stream and a beautiful aplenglow color that mirrors the color of the beer. We also updated the style of the beer to more accurately describe its hoppy character. Brewed with hearty malts and dry-hopped with copious amounts of American hops, Runoff Red IPA has a complex malt backbone with a floral fruity nose and a kick of grapefruit and pine hop flavor.  It’s almost as surprising as the season itself!

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Mountain Standard – a Contradiction in a Glass

Fall is a time of great balance. It’s cool enough to ride to work in pants, but not so cold you need a down jacket. The afternoons are warm and inviting, but not so hot you seek refuge indoors. It’s great time to be out and about in Colorado. It’s that balance of the season that we consistently strive to bring into our brewhouse. Never is that more apparent than in Mountain Standard, our Double Black IPA. With such an aggressive style by nature, it is a challenge to maintain a level of harmony within the beer. Colorado grown whole flower hops lend a unique spicy roundness to the aroma. The beer radiates a deep copper reminiscent of first light, with cherry and chocolate in the nose. A creamy mouthfeel yields to an assertive bitterness that folds back into roasted chocolate. Like fall it’s only around for a short time, so get out there and enjoy it!

– A Quality Guy