Pond Hopping

Our collaboration efforts with Thornbridge Brewery of Bakewell, UK began with a visit to their brewery by Doug in 2008. He was intrigued by what he had heard about UK Craft Breweries beginning to brew unique styles, and using hops other than the traditional English varieties. Thornbridge was and is clearly going in this direction.

This visit was followed by a collaboration brew by Doug and the Thornbridge brewers in the summer of 2010 at their brewery. The beer was a take on the Odell Red recipe, brewed with all English malts, and using English hop varieties with the most intense flavor and aromatic qualities. The result, Colorado Red, was quite popular and was awarded the bronze medal at the 2010 Peterborough UK beer festival in the strong ale category.

The reciprocal collaboration brew took place at Odell Brewing on February 24th. Caolan Vaughan, the head brewer and production manager at Thornbridge traveled to Fort Collins to brew a Double Extra Pale Ale with us. The beer is packaged in a cork and cage 750 ml bottle, and will be made available in both the United Kingdom, and the Odell distribution area in
the United States.


Ponder Hopper – Thornbridge Bridge Brewing Collaboration Beer from Odell Brewing on Vimeo.

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