They Say Our Footprint Grew Three Sizes That Day

The craft brewing industry is a popular place to be these days. Breweries are opening left and right all across the country. Some with the aspiration to be a national brand, some are content with the brewpub life. In between exist breweries like Odell, known as Regional Craft Breweries. We don’t have a desire to be in every state, but we can get restless at home and have a tendency to wander. As such, opening a new state to bring our beer to is a very big deal. So big in fact, we decided to commemorate it by digging back into the recipe book. What we reached for first, was Footprint.

Originally released in 2012, this 9.6% ABV ale has an ingredient added from each state in our distribution network, aka footprint. Internally, we had been talking about opening another state for years, specifically Texas. Since we completed our brewhouse expansion, allowing us to subsequently launch distribution into Texas, we decided what better way to welcome a new family member than with a beer. It’s kinda our thing. The recipe remains largely unchanged, but with a kiss of grapefruit from our new Southern cousin. Not to mention prickly pear, green chiles, wheat, oak, and a slew of other constituent complexities. Join our wanderlust, and search it out starting April 19th.

Footprint 2014

– A Quality Guy

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Loose Leaf – a label is born

This week we released our first new year round six pack in almost eight years! Loose Leaf American Session Ale is a light and crisp, yet flavorful and hoppy, easy drinking brew. The name comes from the loose whole flower hops that we use in the hop back and the leaf from our brewery logo, but it’s also a nod to the spirit of just hangin’ loose  – which this beer is perfect for.

Here’s a little insight into how we came up with this label. As with all of our 12 oz. offerings, we partnered with the ever talented folks at tbd Advertising out of Bend, OR. We began with a meeting of the minds to discuss what this beer is all about…it’s flavor profile, it’s personality, it’s identity. From there, tbd provided us a few ideas sketched out with hints of inspiration.

LL Sketch1

LL Sketch2

LL Sketch3

LL Sketch4

Once we settled on a direction, the tbd team polished up the sketch and layout for our final approval.

LL Final Sketch

Then the concept was handed over to Mona Caron, the artist who turns the idea into a work of art mirroring the art we crafted inside the bottle!

LL Final LabelOdell Brewing will celebrate the release of Loose Leaf American Session Ale on “Session Beer Day,” Monday April 7th. Join us for samples of the brew, live music by Ginger Whale, and dogs & brats by Uncle Jim’s.