Brew Poetry

We love to share our beer with friends. And sometimes, those friends thank us by posting photos of the beer on Instagram, accompanied by short poems expressing their gratitude.

Thus, brewer Kevin Bosley shares these 10 photos and poems from his pals in California. Thanks for the love!


Bosley 1There once was a man named Odell // Whose home brewing was really quite swell // Said his friends, “Doug, you tart!” // “You must follow your heart!” // And thus was the birth of #Odell

Bosley 2Valley is hot // Good beer and good friends brings smiles // Emptiness is loneliness

Bosley 4Drinking warm beer makes me queasy // Here at sir Trevor’s speakeasy // Fear not, there’s a fridge // You silly Aunt Midge // So partake beer Easy and breezy

Bosley 5Third beer // What would Kamiski do? // Backlight!

Bosley 6O Doug Odell // The beer you sell // Is loose on the leaf  // And pairs with the beef  // O hey here’s Mel!

Bosley 8I’ll go for a ride // On an elephant’s hide // This beer makes my day

Bosley 9Beer beer beer beer beer // Beer beer beer beer beer beer beer // Beer beer beer beer beer

Bosley 10I could go on and on about 90 Shilling // But I doubt you’d want me to // Just gonna say that if you are willing // It’s a pretty good brew

Bosley 12Trevor hates hashtags // I love beer // Bosley thank you // Winding river; sky

Bosley 13

The honorable, great St. Lupulin // Sowed seeds of hope where’er he’d been// From grain to glass, when he came to pass // In his hoppy grave, he did grin

The noble man must always think // Of all the tasty beer he’ll drink // With every sip, a new friendship // Is forged in sudsy ink

I’m riding an elephant in life’s beer circus // As CO2 bubbles rise to the surface // This ain’t no Dumbo, it makes me say “Yum!” though // Without beer, these hops would be worthless

Beer River flows, wild and free// Through the forest, beyond the tree// The beacon calls, the loose leaf falls// My ale is now with me



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