Thanksgiving Montage

We celebrate Thanksgiving at the brewery with a huge family-style feast, reminding us to be thankful for the friends we’ve made, the beer we brew, and the recipes we share. We’d like to share those things with our fans, as well. Below, some of our favorite Thanksgiving courses prepared or paired with our Fall-Winter Montage Variety Pack. It’s the perfect addition to your own Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Fall-Winter Montage Beer Dinner

Serves 6-8

Main course: Rawah Rye IPA-Brined Roasted Turkey

Pairing: Isolation Ale

This traditional Winter ale is brewed with English hops, making it an easy pair for our Rawah-brined roasted turkey. Use some for our sweet potato casserole recipe (below), and enjoy the rest.

Rawah Rye Brine


Side: IPA-Cranberry Compote

Our go-to cranberry sauce can be prepared with bourbon, apple juice, or – our favorite – IPA. You’ll get a burst of hops in each bite.

IPA cranberry compote

Side: Isolation Sweet Potato Casserole

Isolation Ale is brilliant in (or with) any spiced foods, especially those with cinnamon or nutmeg. Our sweet potato casserole calls for a 1/2 cup, so the rest can be enjoyed throughout the meal.

Isolation Sweet Potatoes

Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pairing: Cutthroat Porter

To continue our theme, we chose Cutthroat Porter to pair with our bold, chocolate pecan pie. The pie brings out the cocoa, nutty characteristics of the beer.

Chocolate pecan pie

90 Shilling and IPA Cans Hit Shelves

Cans play an important role in the outdoor lifestyle we value at Odell Brewing. Now, our fans have a more convenient way to enjoy the taste they love. This week, we released our first ever canned beer in our home market. (Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri, Minnesota and Wyoming… they’re heading your way next!)


“Some say it was a long time coming and it has been,” said our brewery founder Doug Odell. “A lot of effort was made by all of us to make this happen, and we are sure you will be pleased with the results.” Everyone at the brewery has been hard at work getting these cans ready for their debut. From package design, to production and packaging, it has truly been a team effort. “We took our time selecting the best equipment before implementing Odell cans,” said John Baise, our Packaging Manager. “We began the can line investigation in early 2013, visiting numerous breweries and packaging Expos. The Can Line development team met weekly to discuss the project. In the end, multiple designs and machine centers were evaluated to create a line which matches the standards of our bottle and keg lines and represent our beer quality.”


The quality of our beer is top priority. When considering cans, we wanted to be sure this was true through all levels of production. “Our state of the art packers, utilize less paper than traditional corrugated cardboard packers,” said Matt Bailey, our Maintenance and Engineering Manager. “Our cans and lids are made locally in Golden, CO. Our Depalletizer was made in Loveland, CO…Palletizer in Columbia, WA, Conveyors in South Carolina, Filler and Packers in Germany and Seamer in Switzerland. Odell already has a lot of in house experience with cans and adding that product line is a natural fit internally and to our customers.”

We are excited to release our first ever cans of 90 Shilling and IPA. Additional can offerings will be introduced in 2016 including Loose Leaf Session Ale and our summer seasonal St. Lupulin. All of us at the brewery want to give our customers the ability to enjoy our products in all areas of our distribution footprint, in any situation. Cans are tremendously easy to recycle, block out sunlight, and help preserve our beer to the highest standards.


The brewery will mark the introduction of cans with a special Food Drive and celebration in the Tap Room on Wednesday, November 11. Guests who bring in two or more canned food items will get one free canned beer (limit 1 per person, must be 21). Guests can also enjoy local food truck fare and live music by Brian Parton from 4 – 6 p.m.

Available in 12-pack 12oz cans. Now we can do more together!

November Charity of the Month

Odell Outreach and our Charity of the Month Program

Charity of the Month: Project Self-Sufficiency

Healthy communities start with healthy families. Each family is unique with its own triumphs and challenges and Project Self-Sufficiency is an amazing organization that gives a hand up to families with only one parent. These parents often do the work of two without the opportunity to improve their situation and increase the success rate for themselves and their children. PS-S offers a host of advantages for people with these circumstances to elevate their life experience and set an incredible example for their kids. We have worked with PS-S for over a decade and had the amazing fortune of seeing and hearing the stories of progress that lead to better lives, happier childhoods and stronger communities. Their motto is “Strength now. Change Forever.” And they aim to achieve it by following this mission: “At Project Self-Sufficiency, our goal is to help single parents realize their dreams for financial independence. Our focus is on creating an improved quality of life for parents and their children. Ultimately, it is about contributing to the workforce, positively impacting the economy and realizing that change begins one person at a time. Project Self-Sufficiency takes a holistic approach, emphasizing areas such as self-esteem, parenting and recovery from domestic violence along with specific career and educational goals. The average age of enrolled single parents is 33 and the average number of children is two. 25% to 28% are typically members of an ethnic minority. Some participants are receiving public assistance or small child support payments. Many are in low paying jobs when they enter the program. Most program participants return to school during their tenure with Project Self-Sufficiency.”

Learn more about Project Self-Sufficiency here:

Meet Sylvia, one of their many success stories here:

Give here or contact them about championing a family for the holidays. It is the most rewarding shopping you can do!

Tip Jar: Turning Point
Sometimes the road gets bumpy in life or takes abrupt turns and it puts further strains on families. We are happy to support our local “Turning Point” in their endeavor to offer a host of services to our younger population when the road gets rough. They provide crisis intervention services, adolescent day treatment programs, outpatient therapies and treatment, coaching and mentoring programs, individualized education, and short and long-term intensive residential substance abuse treatment for teens. It has always been a grass roots effort for us to promote and encourage responsible consumption but we understand that life doesn’t always lead us to the right choices. Turning Point has diversified their portfolio in an effort to provide sustainable effective treatment and support for young adults that are trying to get back on the right track.

To learn more about Turning Point and what they provide our community, visit them here: One of our favorite events of the summer is the Awesome Toss’em Cornhole Tournament benefitting Turning Point, we hope to see you next year!

Please visit our tap room in support of these two organizations! Our Charity of the Month recipients receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests, the opportunity to host an event in our space after-hours, access to our volunteer base for approved projects and a donation from our charitable fund housed at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Our tip jar recipients also receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests and a donation at the end of the month based on the generosity of our tap room guests. Both are conscientiously chosen by our in-house charitable committee comprised of co-workers from our diverse departments.


Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator