Thanksgiving Montage

We celebrate Thanksgiving at the brewery with a huge family-style feast, reminding us to be thankful for the friends we’ve made, the beer we brew, and the recipes we share. We’d like to share those things with our fans, as well. Below, some of our favorite Thanksgiving courses prepared or paired with our Fall-Winter Montage Variety Pack. It’s the perfect addition to your own Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Fall-Winter Montage Beer Dinner

Serves 6-8

Main course: Rawah Rye IPA-Brined Roasted Turkey

Pairing: Isolation Ale

This traditional Winter ale is brewed with English hops, making it an easy pair for our Rawah-brined roasted turkey. Use some for our sweet potato casserole recipe (below), and enjoy the rest.

Rawah Rye Brine


Side: IPA-Cranberry Compote

Our go-to cranberry sauce can be prepared with bourbon, apple juice, or – our favorite – IPA. You’ll get a burst of hops in each bite.

IPA cranberry compote

Side: Isolation Sweet Potato Casserole

Isolation Ale is brilliant in (or with) any spiced foods, especially those with cinnamon or nutmeg. Our sweet potato casserole calls for a 1/2 cup, so the rest can be enjoyed throughout the meal.

Isolation Sweet Potatoes

Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pairing: Cutthroat Porter

To continue our theme, we chose Cutthroat Porter to pair with our bold, chocolate pecan pie. The pie brings out the cocoa, nutty characteristics of the beer.

Chocolate pecan pie

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