July Charity of the Month: Hearts and Horses

Charity of the Month: Hearts and Horses

Please join us at the tap room this month to help us support our community partner, Hearts and Horses. Hearts and Horses works to promote the physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being of people with special needs through equine-assisted therapy.

The power of connection between rider and animal creates a fundamental change in the patient. While riding, participants must constantly make postural adjustments to maintain their balance, which in turn increases their overall balance, orientation and body awareness. Other benefits include improved muscle tone, posture, range of motion, flexibility, social skills and emotional well being. In addition, horses provide a non-judgmental relationship, accepting individuals for who they are regardless of physical, emotional or social abilities. 

Learn more about Hearts and Horses and how you can contribute

Tip Jar: Hope House

Our committee has chosen Hope House as the July Tip Jar Partner. This important non-profit represents a too-often overlooked demographic in our greater Denver community: young mothers fighting for the health and sustainability of their families. The team at Hope House has thoughtfully crafted self-sufficiency programs that are tailored to each individual client through programs like their Mentoring Program and GED classes. They address the issue of homelessness through a Residential Program providing a stable place to begin the break from the cycle of poverty.

When you visit our tap room, please be sure to leave your change in the tip jar to help create change for these aspiring young mothers!


To learn more about our Charity of the Month program, visit here: www.odellbrewing.com/philanthropy or email Karla Baise karla@odellbrewing,com

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