The Meddler: Oud Bruin Ale Returns

Imagine popping the top of your favorite ale. Imagine celebrating big news or the end of a long week. Imagine the smell of sweet vanilla oak and tart cherries. Imagine the return of The Meddler.

Meddler 2016

The Meddler was first released in 2012. That sweet, sour flavor kept our staff (and friends) wanting more. On Friday, February 12, we are bringing back this beloved Oud Bruin Ale in 750ml cork and cage bottles for your drinking pleasure.


We sat down with Brent Cordle, our Pilot Brewer and Barrel Aging Manager to learn a little more about the return of The Meddler.


Q: What inspired you to bring back The Meddler?

A: This beer is a unique style. Recently, we have relocated our barrel room and now have the ability with our new wild barrel house to attack projects like this with more control over risk of cross contamination. The Meddler received a lot of love the last time we released it. It was a brewery favorite and the excitement was apparent is all employee eyes once we announced it would be coming back this year.


Q: What type of beer is The Meddler? What are the characteristics of this style of beer?

A: Meddler is an Oud Bruin (old brown).  We aged this beer traditionally using some barrels that were over 2 years old and had been souring in the barrel for quite some time.  Also true to style, in order to round off the acidic flavors, we incorporated a small amount of some newer unsour beer. The characteristics put forth are brown sugar, oak, vanilla nose with a lactic acid light mouthfeel.  Some stone fruits such as pear and light peach come through on the finish.


Q: What was in involved with the brewing/barrel aging process?

A: The beer begins as a high gravity brown ale with a low IBU’s (10-15). Once primary fermentation is finished, the beer is inoculated with our in-house sour cultures of wild yeasts and lactobacillus and then transferred into toasted oak barrels for aging. We’ve been working on this release for about three years now. The beer aged anywhere between eight months to two and a half years in the barrels before we blended it.


Q: What are some key flavors you taste in this beer?

A:  You’ll taste a variety of flavors: notes of sweet vanilla oak, light fruit berry in the background (blueberry and raspberry), with a sour, tart cherry finish.


Q: What is your favorite thing about The Meddler?

A: My favorite aspect of this beer is the true balance of oak, sour, sweet, rich, tangy, and tart flavors.  These flavors all “Meddle” harmoniously and keep you sipping to determine which one is your favorite as they play together on your palate. It’s refreshing, relaxing and has the complexity that a true connoisseur can appreciate as well as the drinkability to relate to an introductory sour beer drinker.

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A New Hope (or “The streets will run red with the juice of our grapes”)

They say it takes a lot of good beer to make great wine. After two years of research and development, I can honestly say that the opposite holds just as true. Right in the middle of the two is a beautiful Venn diagram of deliciousness. Odell Brewing Company is very fortunate to have been founded in a progressive agricultural haven. We have access to a wide array of farm and ranch products within the state itself. Below is the movement of some very special Colorado grown free run grape juice into a wine press, and the subsequent pressing of said juice. Expect more updates as things progress into the realm of amazingness.

– A Quality Guy