Charity of the Month – Snowboard Outreach Society

Odell Outreach and Charitable Giving Program

Charity of the Month: Snowboard Outreach Society

I woke up Monday and it was February already! I  think I have finally stopped writing 2015 for the date and am beginning to realize that I might just have let winter slip by EXCEPT, we are going to have the Snowboard Outreach Society in our tap room this month! These folks are amazing and doing the best work to help under-served youth not just get out on the mountain and get some exercise and fresh air, but gain a quiver of life-skills that translate into every choice they will make. They turn the world of preachy, black and white rules into relatable, attainable success outside. Since there is no better teacher than experience, we are going to take this pportunity to get out on the hill with this incredible group of inspiring folks and help them to engage some young people that may not have a whole lot of depth in their bull-pen. I cannot wait for the opportunity to learn alongside these kids on the slopes of Keystone in March. If you happen to be up there making some turns, keep your eyes peeled for our Denver and Mountain sales teams getting schooled by high-risk kids doing what they know best~ mastering high-risk activities! SOS is no longer just about winter mountain activities and has graduated into an integrated, year-long program that supports its members without break. They work with local agencies for referrals and our tip jar this month just happens to be one of their partners!

Snowboard Outreach Society 2

(Photo Credit: SOS Outreach)

To learn more about SOS, please visit their website at 

To make a donation, please visit their Colorado Gives page:

Tip Jar: The Matthew’s House

The Executive Director of the Matthew’s House, Jerri Schmitz sums it up best in her welcome statement: “Welcome to The Matthews House. We invite you to join us to help cultivate hope and build resiliency in the lives of others. When we work together as a community children and families will attain what they need to learn, improve, and become stronger—and in turn, make our whole community stronger.” Jerri started the organization when she realized that there was a very large, under-served population of young people in our community that seemed to live in a vacuum between adolescence and adulthood around the ages of 16-20. These were young people poised on the spring board of becoming adults with little to no skills for success. Some of the kids Jerri was talking to didn’t know how to write a check or make a box of macaroni and cheese, things that I undeniably took for granted. Jerri created the Matthew’s House, a home where kids without that sense of place could come and do homework, learn how to make a meal, talk to a therapist and tap into a deep list of other services that they may not have found otherwise. We are thrilled to have the Matthew’s House in our tap room this month and encourage you to learn more about what they are doing here:

Matthew's House

Please visit our tap room in support of these two organizations! Our Charity of the Month recipients receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests, the opportunity to host an event in our space after-hours, access to our volunteer base for approved projects and a donation from our charitable fund housed at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Our tip jar recipients also receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests and a donation at the end of the month based on the generosity of our tap room guests. Both are conscientiously chosen by our in-house charitable committee comprised of co-workers from our diverse departments.

Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator

Charity of the Month – The Matthew’s House

Odell Outreach and our Charity of the Month Program

Matthew's House 2 - June

(Photo credit: The Matthew’s House

As we move into summer and plan time to spend with family and friends outside the grind of daily life, it is important to remember that there are young people in our community that are struggling with things that we find easy and attainable. The Matthew’s House, our June Charity of the Month, exists to combat the struggles of an often forgotten demographic, young adults aged 16-20. I’ll never forget my first tour over five years ago; we stopped in the kitchen where guests that lacked mentors in their lives were taught to make simple meals and to properly write a check, things that I took for granted. There was a room that was a lot like the living room in the house I grew up in, where I sat on the floor and did my homework at the coffee table, a computer lab, a manicured lawn, a warm room with a couple of chairs where you could have a conversation, feel “listened-to.” Invaluable security to a young person as they evolve into adulthood, and it was all free. They have since moved into the Community Life Center at 220 N Grant Ave in Fort Collins and I look forward to a visit with Jerri and her team. It boasts a similar warm atmosphere to the original Matthew’s House but offers a richer variety of resources.

Matthew's House 1 - June

 (Photo credit: The Matthew’s House

Empowering youth, strengthening families and building community are the guiding mantras of The Matthew’s House. Their mission is to “empower young adults and families in transition who lack a significant support network by providing the resources and relationships necessary for them to take control of their lives and shape positive futures for themselves, while becoming successful contributors to their community.” To read more about the opportunities that The Matthew’s House provides, please visit

*** We are working on an action item and hope to have a volunteer project put together in the very near future. For information, follow our Odell Outreach page at


Tip Jar: La Familia

La Familia is an amazing organization tucked away off of North College in Fort Collins. It offers a multicultural experience for children from one year old to an Early Childhood Education certified pre-kindergarten classroom. They house an incredible amount of family support in one location from donated diapers and formula to fresh vegetables from an organic garden growing out back! It is worth a visit if you have never been to see the sunny and positive atmosphere that the Family Center has created for its clients. “Since 1995, The Family Center/La Familia, a bilingual and multicultural organization, has provided services and advocacy in the Fort Collins community for the underserved and underrepresented, with the primary goal to strengthen and stabilize families with children. The Family Center/La Familia emerged from a coalition of Fort Collins community members concerned about maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for working families in Larimer County. The organization was established as part of Colorado’s Family Initiative and, as a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, maintains a focused vision to provide services that build stronger, safer families.” To read more about the rich culture and support at La Familia, please visit

La Familia - June

(Photo credit: La Familia

Please visit our tap room in support of these two organizations! Our Charity of the Month recipients receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests, the opportunity to host an event in our space after-hours, access to our volunteer base for approved projects and a donation from our charitable fund housed at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Our tip jar recipients also receive month-long exposure to our tap room guests and a donation at the end of the month based on the generosity of our tap room guests. Both are conscientiously chosen by our in-house charitable committee comprised of co-workers from our diverse departments.

Raising one for our community,

Karla Baise, Community Outreach Coordinator

Odell Outreach 2013 Review

As 2103 comes to a close, here’s a little recap of our charitable efforts!

Charity of the Month program: Our charitable committee selects 2 great organizations for our charities of the month. Each organization receives a grant and the opportunity to share more about what they do in our Tap Room. We also select another organization that receives our guests’ generous tips. Here’s a recap of this year’s recipients…

90 Angel

January Tips: ELTC Circles


February Tips: Urban Peak Colorado Springs

March Tips: Cattleman’s Land Trust

April Tips: S.T.R.I.D.E. Learning Center

May Tips: Growing Project

June Tips: Project Self-Sufficiency

July Tips: Volunteers of America

August Tips: Juvenile Diabetes

September Tips: Sustainable Living Association

  • High Park Restoration Coalition (Fort Collins)
  • Earthlinks (Denver)

October Tips: Colorado Water Trust

November Tips: Food Bank for Larimer County (turkey dinners!)

December Tips: Project Self-Sufficiency (holiday gifts)

As you can see, they were diverse and we worked hard to represent all three of our giving parameters, Human Services (specifically at-risk youth and the elderly), Education and Sustainability.

Our tip jar program is highly successful due to the amazing generosity of our guests. We are able to allocate $2,400 on average at the end of each month to the designated charity on the jar.


Odell-OutreachOdell Outreach has been a great practice for us in engaging our co-workers and fans in some of the community work that we do outside the brewery. In the spring we take part in and invite our fans to join us for, National Volunteer Month. We have had great success partnering with the United Way and their partner agencies to make sure that our efforts will not be in vain. We had a group go out to a local historical landmark, the old water works for yard work and general “sprucing up.” We had a second group go out to the new facility for the Center for Family Outreach and paint the indoors to make it more inviting. It was a great day and the kids even made us lunch!


We also help engage with Make A Difference Day in the fall. This year we partnered with La Familia (The Family Center) to make their fall harvest celebration a success. We had another group head over to the Northern Colorado Aids Project helping them make their facility more inviting and less clinical.

This year our co-worker Team Build was done in tandem with one of the biggest projects we have taken part in this year, The House That Beer Built. HTBB is a project that we put together with our local Habitat for Humanity chapter and engaged our industry colleagues to join us in helping to rebuild a home for a family that was victim to the High Park Fire. 8 of our local breweries came together to raise the $100,000 that it takes to build a Habitat house and to fill the sweat-equity hours. We were able to get the family into their home this week (before the holidays!!) and celebrate their dedication. We are still about $13,000 shy of our $100,000  goal and are looking forward to an event at the Moot House this coming January to raise the balance. This incredible collaboration speaks to our wonderful, inclusive industry and our collective dedication to our community!


Throughout the year we donate thousands of gallons of beer and loads of merchandise to help ensure the success of fundraising events for hundreds of non-profits in our distribution area. Fort Collins Read Aloud served our beer after The Dead Celeb race right before Halloween, Trees Water People served our beer at their annual Stove Party, and we were the featured beer for Turning Point’s Zombie Crawl again this year just to name a few. We look forward to being the beer sponsor for the Book Trust’s Books On Tape event in the Agave Room on January 23rd, 2014.

We also host events here at the brewery for local non-profits. Some are fundraisers, some are staff and volunteer appreciation nights and some are educational, like our monthly NCRES meetings, the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We just held a fundraiser for Save the Poudre and the FoCo Café was here last week to generate and celebrate donations to their cause on Colorado Gives Day. We celebrated Winter Bike to Work day with free pints for riders, a raffle for the Bike Library and live music.

New in 2013…

This year we tried a couple new programs that generated great results! The first was a collaborative effort created by one of our hop providers in the Willamette Valley. They provided us product, hops and malt, and we turned into a delicious brew and donated the profits (to the tune of $5,000!) to Ales for ALS!

We were also approached by a research associate from CSU who works with the Colorado Natural Heritage Program on campus. He presented to us a beautiful little butterfly named the “Hops Blue” or “Celastrina,” that happens to make its habitat on wild hops that grow in riparian areas unique to Colorado. We crafted a delicious Saison to compliment this fun story and committed $1 from each bottle sold. We were able to raise $12,000 for the Colorado Natural Heritage Program and celebrated with them 2 weeks ago on Giving Tuesday!

Happy holidays to all, cheers to 2014 and all that we can accomplish together!

– Karla

PS: If you are interested in learning more about Odell Outreach or would like to volunteer with us, please visit our philanthropy page or join our Facebook group.

_MG_0378 Karla is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She graduated from CSU 10 years ago and made Fort Collins her home. She has been given the extraordinary opportunity to work at making it a better place through her employment as Community Outreach Coordinator at Odell Brewing Company.