Brew Q & A: Russian Pirate

When you feel the winds change and see the clouds roll in, you know something is coming. That something is Russian Pirate. Dark as night and thick as the raging sea, this beer is full of flavor! We chatted with the man in the cellar our Barrel Aging Manager, Brent Cordle, to get a closer look at this unique 13.3% Russian Imperial Stout.Label

Q: What was the inspiration behind Russian Pirate?

A: We’ve done some trials with rum barrels in the past as something a little different than the more common bourbon barrel aged beers. We really loved the flavor the rum barrels contributed and thus, Russian Pirate was created.

Q: What kind of barrels were used?

A: Caribbean rum barrels.Rum barrels

Q: How long was the brewing/aging process?

A: The brews were so full of malt that they took a little longer to make with such a huge mash bed. It was a challenge to get enough healthy yeast into the fermenter so that it would not be overwhelmed by such a large amount of sugar to ferment. We pulled it off beautifully with the help of great teamwork from the lab and brew team and it ended at an astounding 13.3%! It aged in the rum barrels for about 4 months collecting all the sweet rum flavor that was instilled within the oak itself.Malts

Q: What flavors can people expect from this BIG beer?

A: Rum cake, chocolate rum vanilla pie, rum S’mores. This beer is a sipper and should be enjoyed slowly. Otherwise you’ll find yourself down for the count much earlier than you’re used to.

Q: We all love a good beer with great food. What foods will pair well with this Imperial Stout?

A: This is a very rich beer. I feel it would not only be a great beer to pair with a meal, but also to bake with. It would make great brownies and other chocolate delicacies. It would be great with Italian antipasto, and higher acidic dishes like vinaigrette salad. Rotisserie chicken, pork tender loin, and a big fat juicy steak with a side of blue cheese.


Brent Cordle
Pilot System / Barrel Aging Manager

*Russian Pirate will only be available on draught. It will be distributed to our 11 state footprint and you can find it in local bars/restaurants. It will also be available for growler fills in our tap room.