February Charity: SPIE Grants (Poudre School District Foundation)

Poudre School District Foundation SPIE Grants








“Creativity is where we start to think differently, and Innovation is where Creativity comes to life” -George Couros

The SPIE Grants through the Poudre School District Foundation are symbiotic of our mission here at Odell including innovation, creativity and collaboration. These grants offer teachers, our boots on the ground, an opportunity to combine their experience and imagination to produce thoughtful ways to engage young minds. Grants have been awarded to 7th to 10th graders to do coral restoration off the coast of Florida, contributed Spanish novels for high school students and provided smart boards for an elementary school to name a few.

Please watch these incredibly moving videos to see the extraordinary teachers and motivated kids that have benefited from these grants.


Tip Jar: B.A.S.E. Camp


We understand that the future of our community relies on the care of our young people today and that affordable care for kids while their parents are working is integral in their success.

“B.A.S.E. Camp’s (Before and After School Enrichment) vision is that our children achieve life-long success. Our mission is to be the choice provider of safe, affordable, accessible out-of-school-times childcare with enrichment services, aligned with the community schools.

Programs are offered to over 3,250 children annually at 33 elementary school sites throughout Larimer County, including a variety of activities and enrichment choices for children in grades K-7. Sliding fees insure that all families can afford our programs with scholarships ranging from 10% to 100%.”

Click to learn more about B.A.S.E. Camp.

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